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There's an easy way to greatly improve your odds of a visa application approval - get a specialized immigration visa business plan developed by the experts.
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Our specialist immigration team has created countless business plans for all visa categories and a wide range of Regional Center-based investment projects. We have worked with businesses in a variety of industries, collaborated with law firms nationwide, and we've learned exactly what USCIS is looking for.

You will collaborate with an immigration specialist who has worked on countless immigration business plans. From there, we will coordinate between our teams of financial modelers, market researchers, and your own immigration attorney to develop a custom immigration visa business plan based on the exact visa you're seeking.

All plans come with RFE protection, so if you get a Request for Evidence (RFE), we do all the edits for free.

Immigration Business Plan Application process

With a team that includes immigration experts, market researchers & financial modelers, we develop a custom immigration visa plan based on the exact visa you’re seeking.



Reach out to us by email or even the contact form on this webpage and tell us about your needs.


Information Collection

Our project manager gets to work collecting all information and documents - coordinating between you and your immigration attorney.



We build a completely customized business plan tailored to you, your visa application and your industry.



We collaborate with you & your attorney to make any needed changes and you get to see all your hard work payoff - with a plan that's guaranteed to meet USCIS criteria!

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All plans come with RFE protection so if you get a Request for Evidence (RFE), we do all the edits for free.


We have a long track record of achieving visa approvals. We know exactly what works, and what doesn't.

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Each document is created from scratch, presented in the manner preferred by USCIS

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Business Plan Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about Immigration Business Plans and how they can help your visa application.

Do I need an Immigration Business Plan?

If you are applying for an L-1 visa and fill in the necessary L-1 visa business plan, you need to follow the criteria and requirements very specifically to ensure a successful application. Firstly, there needs to be a pre-existing and ‘qualifying relationship’ between the US business and the foreign company that currently employs the petitioner. Evidence needs to be submitted in support of this and the requirements differ depending upon the type of qualifying relationship. For the duration of the L-1 visa holders stay in the USA, they must be doing business as employers in the USA and, at least, one other country. The employee relocating to the USA also has to follow strict requirements. They have to have been employed outside the USA, by the employer, for a period of more than one year. L-1 business plans need to include all relevant documentation to support the validity of your application.

Curating, sorting through this information and turning it into a valid immigration business plans can be problematic for individuals or businesses that are unfamiliar with USCIS's constantly changing standards.

Can I use a generic business plan template?

A generic business plan may raise questions about the validity of the visa application. Any content for the paper must be written in accordance with the immigration case and USCIS's most recent trends.

What is an Immigration Business Plan?

An immigration business plan is a business presentation created to meet the requirements of a visa application and following the business plan framework.

The document's content is just as important as the content of your visa application. It's for the immigration officer to assess whether your case is valid and fits the requirements of the visa you're looking for.

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