What we do

Legal Bullet is a Chicago-based, legal-tech startup specializing in US immigration law.

Our mission is to use technology to create a platform that addresses the core pain points of those who go through the immigration law process.

So we've built Legal Bullet from the ground up to eliminate the costs & complexity associated with the visa process for both individuals and companies alike.

Our approach

Better technology

You get access to some of the best legal help available anywhere. Independent attorneys with 25+ years of experience in just immigration law.

Faster legal talent

We use technology to simplify all the application questions to a form that can be completed in just one sitting. After you submit your responses, we’ll review your application, go over any questions, review it again and send you all documents to be signed.

More affordable

Best of all, you get it all for more than 70% less than a traditional immigration attorney  


We will work with you during every step of the creation of your solution, ensuring that you are a part of every decision we make. This way you can feel comfortable knowing your case is in good hands and get back to focusing on the other aspects of your life whether it’s your business or your family.

No ridiculous fees

A traditional law firm has huge costs that get passed onto you, the consumer. Legal Bullet is structured as an alternative which does not require these fees. Because we are exclusively focused on creating your individual solution, affordability is one of our company’s central beliefs.

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